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This is the Counsellor Notes Database. Access is Restricted to Authorized Personnel Only.


Changes & Updates as of February 9, 2010

  1. Administrator Dashboard
    1. Updated Admin Dashboard to highlight in yellow any client with content in "Authorized Restricted Practices" from the Behaviour Plan Tab
    2. Updated Admin Dashboard to display "Next Review" date from "Safety Plan" section of Behaviour Plan tab. This will only display if content is saved into "Authorized Restricted Practices".
      1. If no date has been chosen "Not Selected" is displayed instead.
    3. Added "Restricted Detail" Report and Button
      1. Report displays Client Name, Review Date, Name of Plan, Excerpt from "Authorized Restricted Practices" & all Counsellors associated with this Clients File
      2. Report will only display ONE line for each plan regardless of the number of counsellors associated with the client file
      3. Report will display multiple lines if there is more than one plan for a client.
      4. Please note: this report can take a minute to run
  2. Counsellor Dashboard
    1. Updated Counsellor Dashboard to display each Restricted Practice Safety Plan Review that is due inside appointments only if the following conditions are met:
      1. The Review Date has been selected and saved
      2. The Review Date is set to Less than or Equal to 15 days in the future. All dates post or prior will no longer show up in Appointments
      3. The "Authorized Restricted Practices" area inside the Behaviour Tab is saved with content inside.
    2. Updated Counsellor Dashboard to display each client with content in "Authorized Restricted Practices" from the Behaviour Plan Tab highlighted in yellow.
    3. Updated Counsellor Dashboard to display "Next Review" date from "Safety Plan" section of Behaviour Plan tab. This will only display if content is saved into "Authorized Restricted Practices".
      1. If no date has been chosen "Not Selected" is displayed instead.
  3. Safety Plan Updates
    1. Changed CLBC Manager to CLBC Representative
    2. Changed "Individuals Involved in developing Plan" from Safety Plan section to "Individuals Authorizing the Plan"
    3. Moved "Informed of Content of Plan" to the very bottom of all pages.
  4. Behaviour Plan Updates
    1. Moved "Informed of Content of Plan" to the bottom of all pages

Changes & Updates as of February 2, 2010

  1. Behaviour Support Plan / Safety Plan
    1. Removed Logout Timer from Safety Plan print window
    2. Updated "Informed of Content of Plan" for both behaviour plans & safety plans
      1. All user must do is enter in a list of names separated by a carriage return. When the "Print BSP" or "Print Safety Plan" button is clicked, the system will automatically parse contents in the text boxes and create structured lines around them for dates and signing
    3. Safety Plan "Individuals Involved in Developing the Plan"
      1. Added text boxes for "Behaviour Consultant, CLBC Manager, Service Provider" only one name may be entered into each box.
      2. Did not add box for Physician as we are already recording that information in the "Medical" Tab. This information will be transfered to the BSP's if completed in "Medical".
      3. Updated "Restricted Practice" to include the word "Authorized".

Changes & Updates as of January 26, 2010

  1. Behaviour Support Plan View
    1. BSP & Support Plan Printing Layouts are now seperate and print with seperate buttons on the Behaviour TAB.
  2. Behaviour Support Plan:
    1. Changed "Created" to "Created or Reviewed"
    2. "Next Review" changed to "Next Review By"
    3. "Analysis" changed to "Assessment"
    4. TEAM SIGNATURES changed to "Individuals involved in developing the plan"
    5. Added "Informed of Content of Plan" section that is user editable
  3. Saftey Plan
    1. Added "Companion to BSP dated" -> please note that this date is controlled by Date Created of the BSP and is not in any way related to the date in the Support Plan
    2. Added "Created or Revied by"
    3. Added "Next Review by"
    4. Changed "Rationale" to "Unsafe Behaviour and Rationale"
    5. Changed "Diffusing" to Difusing"
    6. Changed "Post-Vention" to "Restricted Practice"
    7. Added New Team Signatures section (only visible on print version)
    8. Added "Individual / Family / Key Support Informed" section that is user editable


Changes & Updates as of January 14, 2010

  1. Behaviour Support Plan Print View
    1. Updated Page Code to place all Counsellor names on an adjacent line to the field descriptor.
    2. Updated "Counsellors" to "Counsellor(s)" to better represent clients with only one Counsellor attached to the file.
    3. Updated Email Files script to correctly repair malformed & special character emails.
    4. Software version moved to offical 2.0 release.

Changes & Updates as of December 23, 2009

  1. Calendar Pages / All Views
    1. Changed behaviour of all Appointments (Calendar Items) due to issue discovered with 1/2 hour appointments or shorter not showing delete or edit buttons.
    2. Appointments now have new tooltip (popup box). If the user clicks on the appointment "Title" while the Tooltip box is visible, it will stay open so the user is then able to click on the "Edit" or "Delete" buttons.
    3. If the user wishes the tooltip to close after clicking on the "Title" of the appointment, click the Red "X" in the top right hand corner of the box.
    4. If the user did not click on the "Title" of the Appointment, the Tooltip will automatically close upon mouse (Cursor) exit from that Appointment.
    5. Please note the area that your cursor is in, this function can be a little tempermental if your mouse is not in the right space, or you don't give the tooltip a second to set it's new status to "Open".
    6. Merry Christmas :D

Changes & Updates as of October 20, 2009

  1. Contacts Tab
    1. Contacts Tab is now 100% tested and functional
    2. We are performing Auto Formating on Phone Number fields
  2. Monthly Tally (administrator only)
    1. Monthly Tally now auto sums all clients listed in report and provides total for display at bottom of report
  3. Client List (administrator only)
    1. Client List now auto sums all clients listed in report and provides total for display at bottom of report
    2. This total is not a referral count, but a total client count as displayed. It does not count the duplicates shown.
  4. Client File
    1. Updated "Case Notes" tab only displaying 5 Case Notes. "More" link was only being displayed after client had 7 Case Notes. Updated listing to display 7 Case Notes. This caused casenotes to not display completely unless client had 5 or under Case Notes or over 7 Case Notes. No data was lost.
    2. Updated "Last Modified" time to display hours in AM/PM instead of 24h clock.
    3. Removed "Time" from Referral Date.
  5. Updated Footer to Release Candidate 3.


Changes & Updates as of August 29, 2009

  1. Positive Behaviour Support Plan tab now AUTOSAVEs every 5 minutes
    1. This autosave feature will keep you logged in while on the Behaviour Plan tab until you change tabs, you will notice the clock resets every 5 minutes
    2. If you browse to a different tab - make sure you save your current tab or you could loose data
    3. The premise behind the AUTOSAVE function was to ensure repeated data saves regularly to assist in the prevention of further data loss due to machine crashes, browser issues, or neglect to save. It does not function on any other tab. While entering data into the Behaviour Plan tab, it is still recommended to save regularly.
  2. Timeout clock reset to 60 minutes, and is active on every page.
    1. Browsing to a new page or reloading your current page will reset the timer to 60 minutes
    2. Timeout clock is based on your "Actuall Cookie Data" and is now a 100% accurate representation of how much time is left.
    3. Popup will display when 10 minutes is left as notification
    4. If timer runs out while you are away from your computer and you did not save, copy your changes to your clipboard, log back into the system and paste clipboard to location you wish content to reside, then save.
    5. Added Coundown timer to calendar pages.
  3. Positive Behaviour Support Plan spell check functions are now 100% operational and function very simmilar to that of Microsoft Word. Use the "ABC" button in each of the individual BSP text boxes to spell check your BSP.
    1. Once spell check has been started, it will squigly underline in red those words it deems spelt incorrect, if you click on that word, it will offer corrections to the spelling.
    2. Please note that this is not a learning dictionary, if there are regular and repeated words you wish to have added, please forward them to us.
  4. Contacts Tab will be functional at some point during this transition and rebuild period however our first priority was to prevent any further timeout issues or the subsequent data loss that arrose from that issue.
  5. Currently, the Client Notes database is being run from a server privatly owned by Sean Coyle and Ramsey Lightfoot. The database was moved to this location on Thursday evening August 27, 2009 to facilitate certain changes in code and proper timeout functionality. The New Horizons Server located at head office will be rebuilt over the following week to be reinstalled on location Thursday September 3, 2009 with anticipated handover of application occuring that weekend. On Monday September 7, 2009 all functionality shall be resumed onsite at New Horizons head office and the database will be purged from our corporate servers.
(v2.2.1 February 9, 2010) Developed by Sean Coyle & Ramsey Lightfoot (250) 574-5554